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Abonnement de Découverte Chocolat de Terroir

Cocoa Discovery Chocolate Subscription

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Taking care of yourself is not always easy!

Here's why we suggest you a real raw happiness booster!
The Chaleur B Chocolat "Cocoa Discovery" chocolate subscription!
Gift yourself or share, in the form of a hassle-free monthly subscription. By assuming our expertise as a bean hunter, we select one cocoa per month for you. This "Cocoa Discovery" subscription will be sent to you once a month in the form of a series of dark chocolate bars at different%, 2 milk chocolate bars and a box of 4 bites made with the chocolates made on the basis from the same cocoa bean.
A technical sheet will accompany the shipment to let you know our producer and the batch of cocoa used.
Start now!
By subscribing to this “Cocoa Discovery” box, you have the privilege of tasting exclusively chocolates that we have made in extremely limited quantities.
The watchword here is DISCOVERY: our roaster makes you taste terroirs / botanical varieties of cocoa that are out of the ordinary.
We do a hard job of finding rare beans and import around ten different varieties per year, in limited quantities, for the pleasure of tasting highly coveted chocolates.
Available as a subscription only
To do this, we will send you per month
  • 2 high% cocoa bars (between 80% and 99%) to allow you to taste the bean without too much artifice;
  • 2% cocoa bars which will obtain a consensus in the team as being the optimal% of the worked bean;
  • 2 milk chocolate bars according to our 51% cocoa recipe;
  • 4 bites according to the inspiration of the chef with application in ganache.
These chocolates will be accessible exclusively to subscribers of the "Cocoa Discovery" and then, if there are still inventories, will be

A technical sheet accompanies each shipment to allow you to better understand the cocoa you are about to taste.

(Shipping on the 20th of each month)