Pastilles de Chocolat Madagascar Sambirano 70%
Pastilles de Chocolat de Terroir

Madagascar Sambirano 70% Chocolate Chips

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Roue des saveurs de Madagascar Sambirano 70% Chocolate Chips


Coming from the Sambirano Valley in the northwest of Madagascar, this bean offers us a very tangy chocolate that we have balanced at 70%. You will be able to taste a chocolate which will give you an overview of all the richness that a terroir can bring to a chocolate and you will understand why the cocoa of Madagascar has such a good reputation.

VERY IMPORTANT: Note that nothing has been added to the chocolate and that the fruit aromas you will taste come directly from the bean.



Citron confit, mangue, caramel, mélasse, raisin



Vallée du Sambirano, Ambanja, Madagascar