Café Catuai 44 Brésil - Sítio Monte Sinaï

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Catuai 44 Brazil Coffee - Sítio Monte Sinaï

Prix régulier 41.99 $
approximativement 2.34$ / tasse (sac) ou 3.28$ / tasse (bouteille)

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The Cup of Excellence Brazil is one of the most prestigious competitions among the participating countries.

It was in Brazil that the Cup of Excellence was born in 1999. This set the tone for the high standards and the level of quality which has been improved year by year in the field of coffee production.
Brazil is also the largest producer of coffee in the world. So the challenge of identifying the 20 best coffees is a tall order.
This lot bought at auction obtained the 3rd best mark with a mark of 90.83. All lots of 90+ get what is known as a President ’Presidential award’. These are the best coffees in the world and only around twenty lots, spread all over the planet, have this quality.
Description of the jury:
Aroma / Flavor: Cane sugar, acai, honey, apricot, mango, pineapple, pumpkin spice, date, honey, molasses, citronella
Acidity: Fresh (Crisp), tartaric, bright, juicy, malic
Other: Silky, citric, white chocolate, elegant, long finish, fresh fig, blackcurrant, peach





Sucre de canne, açaï, miel, abricot, mangue, ananas, épices à la citrouille, date, mélasse, citronelle, chocolat blanc, figue fraîche, cassis, pêche

Variété botanique

Catuaí 44





Luís Mauro Araújo Miranda


1100m - 1400m


Matas de Minas, Brésil


Mouture (μm ) : 400-800
Dose (g) : 22g
Temp. Infusion (F) : 208F
Qt d’eau (ml) : 375g
Ratio (café/eau) : 1:17
Durée totale (min) : 4:00 min