Maya Mountain Belize Chocolate Bar - 40g

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Maya Mountain Belize Chocolate Bar - 40g

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Roue des saveurs de Maya Mountain Belize Chocolate Bar - 40g


Winner of the International Chocolate Awards Silver Medal in the World category 2020-2021. The Maya Mountain 70% bar from Toledo, Belize is produced by Maya Mountain Cocoa (MMC). The first exporter in the country to produce high-quality cocoa. MMC centrally processes all the cocoa beans in a post-harvest facility where they use a unique three-step sun-drying method to create an optimal cocoa bean flavor.

With this bar, you will be able to taste something special that will give you a glimpse of all the richness and beauty of Belize, and what they can bring to a chocolate bar. You only need one bite to understand why the Maya Mountain bar is a world-renowned winner.

VERY IMPORTANT: Note that nothing has been added to the chocolate and that the fruit flavors you will taste come directly from the bean.



Caramel, miel, noix, ananas



Maya Mountain Cocoa (MMC)


Toledo, Belize