Peru Marañón 72% Chocolate Bar
Pastilles de Chocolat de Terroir

Peru Marañón 72% Chocolate Bar

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Roue des saveurs de Peru Marañón 72% Chocolate Bar


The cocoa used to make this bar, a bean called ''Pure Nacional'', was considered extinct in 1916.

But about 10 years ago, Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley's team, then working to supply equipment and food to mine workers, spotted large pods the size of footballs at the bottom of the canyon.

The extracted beans have been genetically certified as the cocoa originally declared extinct by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

After performing the miracle of "resurrecting" the bean called Pure Nacional, Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley worked hard to develop a thriving plantation in Peru's Marañón Valley.

In recent years, the beans from Dan and his team at Marañón Chocolate have been highly prized by professional chocolatiers around the world.

The pods, now grown naturally at 3250 feet, produce purple and white beans, a color specific to this variety.

VERY IMPORTANT: Note that nothing has been added to the chocolate and that the fruit aromas you will taste come directly from the bean.



Caramel, fruits confits, fleur de jasmin et noix de macadam



Dan Pearson et Brian Horsley, Marañon Chocolate


Marañon, Pérou